Korea Craft Designer Association 2022

Invited International Exhibition in the Hawaii with the 25 participating countries Korea Craft Designer Association 2022

July 13 - 17, 2022 Opening Reception : Wed. July 13, 5:00 P.M Downtown Art Center 1041 Nuuanu Ave., Second Floor, Honolulu, HI 96817 U.S.A +1 808-773-7339 Invited International Exhibition in the Hawaii with the 25 participating countries

Congratulatory Statement for the Korea Craft Designer Association 2022 Invited International Exhibition in the U.S.A. The Downtown Art Center is delighted to host the Korea Craft Designer Association 2022 Invited International Exhibition in the U.S.A. This exhibition featuring photographs of the finest examples of contemporary crafts in a variety of media from artisans representing 25 different countries is a celebration of excellence in design, skill and creativity. This exhibition is very much in keeping with the Downtown Art Center’s mission to showcase excellence in the arts and make the arts available to Hawaii’s diverse communities. It is hoped that examples of craft on view inspire our local artists and craftsmen to strive for the degree of excellence exhibited in this show. Our sincere thanks and best wishes go out to the Korea Craft Designer Association for bringing this exhibition to the Downtown Art Center and we wish the Association continued success. Carol Khewhok Creative Director, Downtown Art Center

Congratulatory Message I am honored to present the International Invitational Exhibition for the Korea Craft Designer Association in Hawaii at the Honolulu Down Art Center. In the 21st century, society, culture, and art has become a core language throughout the period, and culture and design creativity are the center of national competitiveness. So people now emphasize the importance of their own cultures in many different countries to try to foster a better understanding within the diversity of different cultures. Today, this exhibition is very meaningful because people can have a chance to look at various works and promote unity between domestic and foreign artists. Also, It introduces great artists to a larger audience in the age of globalization and is a big step in the development in the field of our Craft. About 135 national and international artists participated in this international exhibition to show people this Craft. This could be a great chance, not only for exchange between artists but also to look back on their own work. We hope this exhibition would give us a chance to share warmth and a place to celebrate, and bring sensitivity to many people. Lastly, I would like to thank the Members of the Craft Designer Association who have this passion and ask them to keep on with their creative activities. Congratulations again on opening the Invited International Exhibition for the Artists and I wish it will be a memorable event for everybody. Lee, Hyung Kyu Chairman, Korea Craft Designer Association

008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 032 033 034 035 Ahn, Soon-joo Ahn, Zean-ho Aino Favén Anna Talbot Belen Villavicencio Chang, Chin-hee Chang, Kate Heejin Chiara Scarpitti Cho, Bae-moon Cho, Moon-hwan Cho, Soon-gil Cho, Wan-hee Choi, Jeong-yun Choi, Ji-young Choi, Ju-yeon Choi, Seung-wook Choi, Yoon-jung Chung, A-young Chung, Chan-joo Chung, Eun-hyun Chung, Hyun-kyung Chung, Ji-a Deimezi Xenia Elisabeth Habig Eom, Kyoung-hee Eom, Tae-kyoung Han, Min-suk Hannah Shun Hwang, Su-ji Hwang, Sun-wook HwangBo, Ji-young Im, Hye-sook Inger Södergren Isabel Cisneros Yumi Hogan Ivan Midzic Jang, Eun-Young Jang, Hyeon-jin Jang, Seok Jang, Yong-man Jeon, Seo-young Jeong, Ji-eun Jeong, Jin-kyu Jeong, Yu-lim Jeoung, Gen-young Kang, Bong-im Kang, Eun-ha Kang, Mi-seon Kang, Sung-kon Kang, Sung-wook Kanno Yasushi Kil, Tae-yun Kim, Dong-gwi Kim, Dong-yeon Kim, Ga-min Kim, Hee-gyun Artists Index

036 037 038 039 040 041 042 043 044 045 046 047 048 049 050 051 052 053 054 055 056 057 058 059 060 061 062 063 064 065 066 067 068 069 070 071 072 073 074 075 Kim, Hyung-jong Kim, Hyung-joo Kim, Jin-yong Kim, Joo-hee Kim, Jun-hyeop Kim, Min-ah Kim, Min-kyoung Kim, Moon-bae Kim, Sang-hee Kim, Sung-min Kim, Sun-young Kim, Yoon-hee Kim, Young-ock Koo, Hee-kyung Koo, Min-joung Krista Leesi Kwak, Seong-hee Kwak, Tae-hyeuk Lee, Chi-youn Lee, Da-hye Lee, Dong-youl Lee, Geon-man Lee, Hye-jin Lee, Hyung-kyu Lee, Jeom-chan Lee, Jeong-soon Lee, Jong-boon Lee, Ju-eun Lee, Kwang-jin Lee, Kwan-seop Lee, Mi-kyung Lee, Min-kyoung Lee, Sook-hyun Lee, So-ra Lee, Yong-phill Lim, Bok-sil Louis Sai-Keung Lo Luo Jingjing Luzia Vogt Marina Sheetikoff Michal Alon Min, Yun-hong Nam, You-jin Niu ChenXu Pak, Ok-mi Park, Eun-joo Park, Jeong-cheol Park, Jun-Young Park, Kyoung-woo Park, Kyung-hee Park, Sang-oh Park, So-Hyoung Park, Song-mi Park, Yang-hwa Park, You-shin Paula Isola Pauline MM Nijenhuis Raquel Bessudo Ryu, Mi-hyun Sébastien Carré Seo, Mi-Kyung Shin, Gi-eun Shin, Jung-hei Siegfried De Buck Sweet, Young-Hee Song, Eun-sil Song, Shin-hye Sun Rui Um, So-hee Wang, Kyung-hee Won, Jae-sun Xavier Monclús Yang, Gab-Soo Yang, Hee-sook Yeon, Hyun-joo Yoo, Joung-hye Yoon, Jae-won Yoon, Se-hwan Zhang Rui Iskra Vasileva Nikolova

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i With Love 1250x1480x250 mm | stainless, cooper, brass Ahn, Soon-joo KOREA | asjoo@pusan.ac.kr Professor, Metal Craft Arts, College of Arts, Pusan National University Solo Exhibition 8 Times Group Exhibition over 400 times Great Expectation-2022 420x594 mm | polyester, thermal transfer printing Ahn, Zean-ho KOREA | zinotexmoda@ynu.ac.kr Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), Paris, France Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, Philadelphia, USA 18 times of Solo Exhibition (Daegu, Daejeon, Jeonju, Seoul, Tokyo) 2017-2018 Visiting Scholar of Jefferson University, Pennsylvania, USA 2019-2020 Dean of College of Design and Art, Yeungnam University Professor, College of Design and Art, Yeungnam University, nvitation Designer named by DAEGU DESIGN EXHIBITION AWARD 08

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Cloud 610x860x90 mm | cutting, dagging with plastic attachments used plastic bags, plastic attachments, cotton bottom Aino Favén FINLAND Textile and Jewellery artist M.A. University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland, 1985; textile art Artist Professor Two Tits_shoepolish box 120x120x40 mm | aluminium, paint, brass, silk Anna Talbot NORWAY | www.annatalbot.com 2001-2004 - BA (hons) Silversmithing, jewellery and allied Crafts, London Met University, UK. 2007-2009 - Master of Fine Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Head of metal department, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2015-2017 Selected exhibitions: Scmuck 2014 and 2016, From The Coolest Corner, Into The Woods - solo exhibition 2014, The Birds and The Bees - solo exhibition 2017, Kunstnerforbundet Oslo and Platina Stockholm. Once Upon a Time, The Gallery at ReinsteinRoss, New York 2017. 09

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Tintorera 420x594 mm | Silk, Hand dyed with wine pomace and Batik Belen Villavicencio CHILE Designer at the University of Valparaiso. Diploma in Textile Creation and Surface Design of the Pontifical Catholic University of Santiago. Today I carry my textile study under my own name, as a space for research, creation and experimentation in textile techniques, taking the concept of sustainability as a central axis in my projects. My Lock 24x35x8, 18x62x5, 24x32x8 mm | silver, 925silver, cz Chang, Chin-hee KOREA | ineyejin@naver.com B.F.A. Department of Metal Craft at Wonkwang University M.F.A. Department of Metal Design at Hongik University Ph.D. Department of Gem& Jewelry Design at Wonkwang University A member of Association of Korean Craft Council Present : Jewelry Designer A part-time instructor Wonkwang University 10

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Ocean Sound 30x80 mm | peal, air-dry clay Chang, Kate Heejin U.S.A | moanamediahawaii@gmail.com Korean Artist Association of Hawaii Member’s Art Exhibition (2011-Present) The New Homeland”-Han-Mee Association of Greater Washington DC and the Korean Art Association of Hawaii (2018) Incheon International Art Fair of Mecenat (2017) International Invitation Art Exhibition Honolulu Hale Courtyard, Lane Gallery (2015) BFA from Hanyang University Owner of Moana Media.inc Phylogenesis Fractals 60x60x10 mm | silver, silk digital printed, steel, plexiglass Chiara Scarpitti ITALY PhD researcher and designer specialized in contemporary jewelry, based between Naples and Milan. From 2011 with the omonymous Brand develops and produces jewelry and design objects in its own studio. She has held exhibitions in many cities as New York, Melbourne, Tokio, Beijing, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Munich, and other. The work investigates the most innovative techniques between advanced industry and high craft Her activities concern teaching, writings, scientific research, design consultant. 11

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i lilac 420x594 mm Cho, Bae-moon KOREA | zovaemoon@naver.com Professor of Textile Design Major at Keimyung University BFA Department of Textile Design at Konkuk University MFA Department of Textile Design & Innovation at Nottingham Trent University PhD Department of Textile Design at Konkuk University Zebra 420x595 mm | textile (t/c), digital printing Cho, Moon-hwan KOREA | cmh@yuhan.ac.kr Director, Chief Executive Officer, NEO DTP Director, Advisor, Yuhan-Kimberly.lLid Adjundt Professor Artistic Crafts at Chung-Ang University Department of i-Fashion Design at Yuhan College 12

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Epidermic Work 22-5 500x500x130 mm | crocheted wire Cho, Soon-gil KOREA | soongilcho@daum.net Professor, Department of Industrial Design, College of Arts, Kunsan National University Dean of Art College, Kunsan National University (2019~2021) The Steering Committee, Kunsan National University 11th Solo Exhibitions (Korea, USA ) In·Visible_II_#06 65x45x80 mm | resin, sterling silver Cho, Wan-hee KOREA | wanycraft@gmail.com 2022 Ph.D. Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, Matal Art and Design 2016 MA. San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA Jewelry and Metalwork SoloExhibition 2022 In·Visible, Gallery K.O.N.G., Seoul Korea 2021 Le Pli, Space Omae Gallery, Seoul Korea 2018 TenderTenacity, Gallery Ahwon, Seoul Korea 2016 Sense of Wonder The UniversityGallery, CA USA Present, Non-tenure track Assistant Professor, Dankook University, Korea 13

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Infinity IV 20x21x25 mm | 18k rose gold Choe, Jeong-yun KOREA | yulhyun@hotmail.com Assistant Professor, Department of Art & Design at Dongeui University Department of Metal Art & Design at Dankook University, Ph.D. Department of Metal Art & Design at HongIk University, M.F.A. Department of Metal Art & Design at HongIk University, B.F.A. 5 Times of Solo Exhibitions (New York, Belgium, China) Over 85 times in Domestic & International Group Exhibitions T-BAG202204 310x270x80 mm | leather, metal accessories, dtp fabric Choi, Ji-young KOREA | miso0526@naver.com B.F.A., M.F.A. College of Arts Crafts, Chung-Ang University PH.D. Candidate, Department of design, Chung-Ang University 2 Solo Exhibition, 80 times group exhibitions inside and outside of South Korea Present: Assistanct Director of Korea Textile & Fashion Industry Association Publishing Member of Korea Craft Association Dankook University, Chung-Ang University Lecturer ISO.J CEO 14

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Teapot 200x75x90 mm | porcelain Choi, Ju-yeon KOREA | cera-chjy@hanmail.net B.F.A. Department of Environmental Design at Osaka Sangyo University M.F.A. Department of Environmental Design at Osaka Sangyo University Ceramic-team of Kyoto Municipal Industrial Research Institute (Training) 7Times Solo Exhibitions Assistant Professor, Department of Ceramic Design, Mokwon University 2022-5 100x30x40 mm | 925 silver, pearl, dyed plastic Choi, Seung-wook KOREA | chsw@seoulteck.ac.kr 5 Solo Exhibitions (Korea, France, USA etc.) Over 300 Group Exhibitions (Korea, Japan, France, USA etc.) Published “Rendering Techniques for Jewelry Design”, “Jewelry Making Techniques”, “Precious Metal Making Techniques” Carry out several R&D projects with jewelry industry, fashion industry and government Professor, Seoul National University of Science & Technology 15

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i The Breath Pouch #P08 65x88x36 mm | silver 925, special plastic Choi, Yoon-Jung KOREA | cyoonj0407@gmail.com 2022 Ph.D Hongik University, Design and Craft, seoul, korea 2010 M.F.A. Metal art and design department, Hongik university, seoul, Korea 2005 B.F.A. Metal art and design department, Hongik university, seoul, Korea 10 times solo exhibitions, many times group exhibitions 2020 Arte y Joya International Award: Finalists 32, Online Exhibition, Spain 2020 New Taipei City International Metal Craft Competition, Win an Honorable Mention, Gold Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan 2019 ITAMI International Jewellery Exhibition, Judge”fs Choice Award Winner, Museum of Art & Crafts Itami, Itami, Japan BROOCH 60x5x50 mm | 925 silver, y.gold plated Chung, A-Young KOREA | ay7347@hanmail.net PROFESSOR IN THE JEWELRY DESIGN DEPARTMENT AT INDUK UNIV. 2011 Ph. D (ABD) in METAL JEWELRY DESIGN GRADUATE SCHOOL OF TECHNO DESIGN KOOKMIN UNIV. 2002 MFA in METALS STATE UNIVERCITY OF NEW YORK at NEW PALTZ GRADUATE SCHOOL 2000/1997 MFA/BFA SOOKMYUNG WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY 16

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Quilted Vest 1 - Cactus 480x7x520 mm | cotton fabric, cotton batting, plyester thread, metal thread Chung, Chan-joo KOREA | cjch@shingu.ac.kr 1985. 02. Clothing and Textiles, Seoul National University(BA) 1987. 02. Clothing and Textiles, Seoul National University(MA) 1996. 08. Clothing and Textiles, Seoul National University(Ph.D) The Korean Home Economics Association(Director) The Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles(Member) The Society of Korean Traditional Costume(Director) 1991- , Shingu College Professor Garden 22-011 40x100 mm | wire, pearl, mixed materials Chung, Eun-hyun KOREA | ehcc1316@silla.ac.kr The B.S, Art Craft and The M.D, Industrial Art Craft in Graduate School of Industrial Arts at Hongik Univ. Ph.D Candidate, Graduate School of Design at Hanyang Univ. 14 Solo Exhibitions and 150 group exhibitions during 1991 ~ 2021 Member, Korean Fine Arts Association, Hongik Metal Artist Association, Korean Crafts Council, Korea Professor, Department of Precious Metals & Jewel Design, Silla University, Busan 17

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Daytime II 420x50x460 mm | felt / spangle Chung, Hyun-kyung KOREA | hkjung@joongbu.ac.kr 1985 Graduated from Han Yang University B.F.A. 1987 Graduated from Han Yang University Graduated school M.F.A. 1992.2~2009.12 Seven Solo Exhibition(Seoul, Daejeon, San Diego) 2013 The 40th Korean Crafts Council Exhibition, Kepco art center gallery, Seoul 2017 2017 Invited Winter International Design Exhibition of the Korean Society of Design Culture, Taiwan Present, Professor of Industrial Design at Joongbu University Embroidered of Scholar’s Equipment with Auspicious Pattern 310x680 mm | silk Chung, Ji-A KOREA | ziagongju@nate.com Korean Traditional Embroidery Craftsman 2008 Began Apprenticeship Under Master of Artcrafts Kim Hyun-Hee Member of Kim Hyun-Hee Institute of Embroidery & Wrapping Cloth Solo Exhibition ‘POJAGI’ (2015, USA) Exhibition of Kim Hyun-Hee Embroidery & Bojagi Institute (2016,2018,2019,2021) Korea Annual Traditional Handicraft Art Exhibition (2010,2013,2020) Grand Art Exhibition of Korea (2011) 18

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Sacred 2013 70x45x120 mm | leather, silver, color Deimezi Xenia GREECE 2009-2011 Metalsmithing and jewelry design at MOKUME school, Athens, Greece. 2001-2003 Interior Design at Public School of designers, Athens, Greece. 2015 Award of Krama Institute of Contemporary jewelry, Athens,Greece. 2011 3rd prize at International Competition in jewelry design at HELEXPO international exhibition 2010 2nd prize at International Competition in jewelry design at HELEXPO international exhibition Silently blooms the air 110x120x25 mm | nylon, steel Elisabeth Habig AUSTRIA Fashion school Vienna in Hetzendorf MFA of theatre, film, and media studies at the University of Vienna 2015 launched the artist community “Alja & friends” 2012 Solo exhibition in connection with the “long night of the Art of Jewellery Vienna” 2016 won the “28th German Youth Competition for Creation of Jewellery IdarOberstein” and the “Homi Makers Award” 2010 won the third prize of the “Juvenarta” competition. 19

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i K + VERI PERI 420x594 mm | digital textile print Eom, Kyoung-hee KOREA | sahara@hanyang.ac.kr Ph.D. Hanyang University (Applied Art) M.F.A. Syracuse University in USA (Textile & Fashion Design) M.F.A. Hanyang University (Fine Art) President/ Korea Textile Design Association Vice President/ Korea Craft Designer’s Association Vice President/ The Korea Society of Design Culture Trustee/ The Korea Design Research Foundation Professor/ Department of Surface·Interior Design at Hanyang Univ. May 2022 420x594 mm | digital printing Eom, Tae-kyoung KOREA | tkeom0504@gmail.com Ph.D., Department of Surface & Interior Design, Hanyang University Lecturer, Department of Jewelry & Fashion Design, Hanyang University Director, Textile Fashion CAD, Modern High Tech Co., Ltd Director, Korea Textile Design Association Member, Korean Society of Design and Culture Member, Korea Craft Designers Association 20

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i flora22-5 45x85x20 mm | 24k gold, sterling silver Han, Min-suk KOREA | minsukhan@naver.com Ph. D. / Professor, Department of jewelry design, jangan University Member of Korea Craft Designer Association Korean Fine Arts Association Society of Chohyung Metalsmiths Metal Department Director of Seoul Fine Arts Association The blossom 75x40x100 mm | sterling silver Hannah Shun U.S.A | hannah.shun@gmail.com 1990-1994 BFA in Illustration from California College of the Arts, USA 2022 Workshop presenter at the National Art Education Association Conference in NY 2021-present Asia Pacific International School Hawaii Art teacher 2020-2022 Judge in Annual Hawaii Regional Scholastic Art Awards 2018-present Artistic Teaching Partner with SFCA 2010-2019 Art instructor at Honolulu Museum of Art School 2022 Group show, HERstory at the Arts at Marks Garage 2020-2021 KAAH (Korean Artists Association of Hawaii) 36th Anniversary Virtual Exhibition 21

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i ZEBRA2 110x110x25 mm | leather Hwang, Su-ji KOREA | totenine@hanmail.net 1986~1998 <NADERY COLLECTION> DESIGN MANAGER 1999~2003 <ARRANGE CO.,LTD.> DESIGN DIRECTOR 2004~2005 <SHINALAND.,LTD.> DESIGN DIRECTOR 2006~2022 <TOTENINE CO.,LTD.> PRESIDENT 2017~2022 HANYANG UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR 5(2:3) 450x500x850 mm | iron, ash Hwang, Sun-wook KOREA | renerary@hanmail.net Assistant professor of Livingdesign, Konkuk University BFA Department of Craft at Kunkuk University MFA Department of Metalcraft at konkuk University Member of metal 3rd Member of Konkuk Metal Association 22

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Illusion 470x470x200 mm | stainless steel, silver, mother-of-pearl, ottchil Hwangbo, Ji-young KOREA | hwangbo2001@hanmail.net 2002 Ph.D in Applied Arts of Graduate School, Hanyang University 2019 Cheongju Craft Biennale 2019 ‘Dreaming the crafts of the future, Mongyudowon Unfolds’ 2018 THE POWER OF [EXTRA] ORDINARY - KCDF GALLERY, KOREA 2017 The 47th Korea Crafts Competition, The President’s Award 2015,2014 The 33th, 32th Grand Art Exhibition of Korean, The Excellence Award 2007 Completion of Ibsajang from National Important Intangible Cultural Asset No.78 PATTERN-20220622 420x594 mm Im, Hye-sook KOREA | imss0905@gmail.com Kangwon national University, Professor Department of Fiber Arts, Ewha Womans University (M.F.A) Graduate School, Ewha Womans, Seoul, Korea (B.F.A) 23

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Rivals on the territory L 600, H 450 mm | ceramic Inger Södergren SWEDEN Selected solo exhibitions - Motala Art Gallery, Sweden (2015), Höganäs Museum (2008), Sörmlands Museum Art Gallery (2006), Quintessence Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria (2004) Represented - FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums, Fuping, China. Icheon World Ceramic Center, South Korea. Ministry of Culture, Egypt. The National Center of Ceramic Art Tunisia. The National Public Art Council Sweden OG 220x200Ø mm | woven nylon webbing Isabel Cisneros VENEZUELA Bachelor degree in Art at Unversidad Central de Venezuela MFA in Museum Studies at Unversidad Central de Venezuela. Her work has been exhibited in Venezuela, Colombia, Perú, Uruguay, Spain, United Kigndom, Germany, USA and Korea. 24

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Winter in Backyard 2 620x1030 mm | sumi ink on rice paper Yumi Hogan U.S.A | www.yumihogan.com MFA, American University, Washington, D.C BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Baltimore, MD Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts, Konkuk University, Seoul, Republic of Korea Current. First Lady of the State of Maryland Adjunct Professor, Drawing Department Maryland Institute College of Art Curve 220x250x120 mm | steel Ivan Midzic CROATIA Graduated sculpture 2002 in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb Master degree Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana Solo exhibitions : 2000~2015 Group exhibitions : 1999~2017 London Fashion Week 2016 25

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Temptation 320x80x280 mm | sheepskin, metal oring, chain, rivet Jang, Eun-Young KOREA | eyjang@du.ac.kr Professor, Dept of Fashion Design, Dong Seoul University,, Board member, Korea Fashion Business Association Exchange Professor, Oregon State University, USA Earned BS, MA, PhD in Sookmyung Women’s University, Dept of Clothing & Textile Studied at University of the Arts London, UK Studied at N.Y. Fashin Institute of technology Participated in various art exhibitions and invitation exhibitions harmony 13x30x32 mm | 14k, amethyst, topaz Jang, Hyeon-jin KOREA | cellojd@naver.com Jewelry Designer at J.dean Ph.D.Candidate of Jewelry.Fashion Design, Hanyang University M.F.A Department of Metal Design , Hongik University Member of korean craft designer association Member of korea jewelry design association Lecturer Wonkwang Health Science University Lecturer Hanyang University 26

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i by the window 50x20x70 mm | silver, nephrite jade, lapislazuli, pinkopal, agate Jang, Seok KOREA | jadejang0516@hanmail.net Ph.D. Department of Metal Design Design at Hanyang University M.F.A. Department of Applied Art at Graduate School of Hanyang University Grand Prize, The 23rd Donga Competition for Art Craft (The Dong_A Daily News Paper, 1995) The judge of the 24th Korea National Competition for Folkcraft Cheng ju international Craft Biennale Invited artist The Nationally Designated Assistant Intangible Cuitural Asset Professor, Major of Jewelry & Metal Design Design at Kyonggi University 2022 - 02 Projected 100x280x80 mm | clay Jang, Yong-man KOREA | jym830@hanmail.net Ph.D, Graduate School Kyung-Hee University. KOREA. 22 Times solo exhibition Les Meilleurs Produits Traditionnels del’artisanat Coreen, France. Invited by State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, Russia. Osaka Art and Craft Exhibition, JAPAN. Present : Ph.D / Professor, Department of Living Formative Arts Design, Sang-ji University, Wonju-si, Korea 27

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies 350x570x80 mm | white clay Jeon, Seo-young CHINA | xiwang1230@naver.com B.F.A. Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Major: Sculpture. M.F.A. Hanyang University, Major: Art Education. Ph D. Hanyang University, Major: Visual Communication Design. Adjunct Professor, Dept, Visual Communication Design, Coolege of Design, Hanyang University. Stamped form_04 100x70x43 mm | brass, urethane Jeong, Ji-eun KOREA | jieun_jeong08@naver.com B.F.A. Department of Metal Craft at Wonkwang University M.F.A Department of Gem & Jewelry Design at Wonkwang University Ph.D Course, Department of Gem & Jewelry Design at Wonkwang University Lecturer Korea Polytechnics University, Wonkwang University 28

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i modular ring - 2204 24x12x32 mm | gold 18k, diamond, ruby Jeong, Jin-kyu KOREA | jinkyu@silla.ac.kr Professor, Major in Jewelry Design, Silla University, Busan B.A. Department of Jewellery Design at University of Kent at Canterbury(U.K.) M.A. Department of Jewellery Design at Royal College of Art(U.K.) Ph.D(ABD) Department of Metal Jewelry Design at Kook-Min University The President of Busan, Korea Jewelry Design Association Expert Adviser, Society of Korea Jewelry Coordinator 8 times of Solo Exhibitions Soar 20x30x20 mm | silver, lapis Jeong, Yu-lim KOREA | dbflaok9@naver.com 2022 Freelance Designer 2022 Design Complexicon Invited International Exhibition 2021 21th International Jewelry Design contest :: Special Selection 2021 Design Complexicon Invited International Exhibition 2020 International Invited Exhibition for Young Artists 2020 20th International Jewelry Design contest :: excellent Designer Award 2020 Combined MS/PhD, Jewelry & Fashion Design, Graduate school, Hanyang University 2016 Bachelor D, Jewerly & Fashion Design, Hanyang University 29

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Oriental light-IV 350x420x250 mm | zelkova Jeoung, Gen-young KOREA | jgy6277@gwangju.ac.kr Professor, Department of Interior Design, Gwangju University Served Manager, Foundation Gwangju Design Center Recommended designer, Korea Design Exhibition, KIDP Individual exhibition 3rd, gwangju Korea, Philadelphia USA Regular member, Korean Fine Arts Association Regular member, The Korean Society of Design Culture Regular member, Korean Crafts Council 2022-1 300x400 mm | paper Kang, Bong-im KOREA | 9715116@hanmail.net B.F.A. Department of Industrial Art, Chosun University. M.F.A. Graduate School, Chosun University. Major : Industrial Art Ph D. Graduate School, Chosun University. Major : Architectur engineering Present : Professor, Department of Architectur Engineering, Songwon University. 30

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i 2CT02F01 600x1500 mm | dtp on polyester, mixed media Kang, Eun-ha KOREA | eunhariver.official@gmail.com CEO & Creative Director, EUNHARIVER Selected by KRIFI Creative Design Studio designer 10 times Group Exhibition The Master Degree of Clothing and Fashion from Yeungnam University Looking for me 35x50x15 mm | 18k whitegold, cameo, opal Kang, Mi-seon KOREA | catseye1980@naver.com 2006.9.17. MIJOO jewelry store started. 2014.7.14. G.I.A G.G 2019.1.15. Member of the pure gold association 2020.11.30. Word peace art exhibition special selection 31

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i “Story in History-Twins” series 220x220x550, 200x200x480 mm | kaoline, red clay, sancheong clay, salt glaze Kang, Sung-kon KOREA | kanggg3@hanmail.net Ph.D. & M.F.A, B.F.A. major in Ceramic Art, Dankook University 8Times Solo Exhibition(Seoul,Gwangju,Jingdezhen in China) Invited Artist in “World Ceramics Exposition ln China”(’10~’18) Invited Artist in “International Modern Crafts Exhibition”(France,USA,Japan,China, Taiwan)(‘08-’19) Committee Member of Operation and Judge for the Korean Grand Craft Art Exhibition & Korean Grand Art Exhibition Invited Professor of “Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute” in China(‘09~’10) Present / Professor. Honam University Trace 420x594 mm | polyester, digital printing, cowhide Kang, Sung-wook KOREA | sungstyle@yuhan.ac.kr Assistant Professor of Fashion Design at Yuhan University ‘INTERMEZZO’ MD Team Leader ‘LONDON FOG’ MD Team Leader ‘2019 Invited Summer International Design Exhibition of The Korea Society of Design Culture at Yersin Dalat University, Vetnam ‘2019 Invited Winter International Design Exhibition of The Korea Society of Design Culture at Chiba University, Japan ‘2019 KCDA-Invited International Craft Design Exhibition at KM ART Center Gallery, U.S.A 32

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Single Flower 200x160x96, 264x130x70 mm | brass (patina) Kanno Yasushi JAPAN | kanno@nagaoka-id.ac.jp Professor, Nagaoka Institute of Design Part-time instructor at Saga University Member (Vice Chairman) of Japan Craft Design Association (JCDA) 04282022 420x600 mm | d.t.p Kil, Tae-yun KOREA | kilty@cu.ac.kr B.F.A / M.F.A Hong ik University Ph.D.course Kyoto University of art & design Participated in several group exhibition A president prize of minister of commerce, industry & energy of korea industrial design exhibition Grand prize of chung ju artistic craft culture products competition Chairman prize of the Korea textile design association Professor/ Dept. of fashion design at Daegu Catholic Univ. 33

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Sunset 460x340x30 mm | saegdongmog Kim, Dong-gwi KOREA | kd6321@hanmail.net National Craft Contest, won the Grand Prize Korean Grand Art Contest, won the Excellent piece Won the Chairman Prize of Korean Craftsman Association Woodworking Institude Woong-suk Gong-bang, Reprsenative Professor Emeritus, Department of Interior Material Engineering, in Kyungsang National University In old times 30x45x20 mm | copper, wooden Kim, Dong-yeon KOREA | yeonny0705@hanmail.net Korea National Collage of Welfare, Ph.D. Department of Jewelry M,F.A Graduate School of Hongik University, Korea GIA(G.G) A Member of Korea Craft Association A Member of Hongic Metal Art Association A Member of Korea Craft Culture Art Promotion Association A Member of Korea Craft Culture Art Association A Member of korea Craft Design Association 34

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Panorama Square 250x250x250 mm | platinum 950 & diamonds Kim, Ga-min KOREA | bygami1@naver.com The 8th Korea Creativity Culture Art Festival 2020 Korea Superb Brand Awards ’Jewelry’ Prize 2020 Korea Superb Brand Awards ‘Wedding Jewelry’ Prize 2018 Design Korea Best Jewelry prize 2017 Consumer Satisfaction Target selected prize 2017 Design Korea Best Jewelry prize 2016 Jewelry Designer of the Year prize 2015 BYGAMI Ceo & Director The Trace 140x140x100 mm | porcelain clay Kim, Hee-gyun KOREA | guniya@hanmail.net PhD, Deartment of Design at Sangmyung University 20 times Solo Exhibition KSCS International Invitation Exhibition of Color Works China, Korea and Japan Ceramic Design Exchange Exhibition ASIA NETWORK BEYOND DESIGN Present, Professor. Ceramic Design, College of Design, Sangmyung University 35

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i silhouette – R.Y 120x40x210 mm | glass, epoxy Kim, Hyung-jong KOREA | khj@nsu.ac.kr Education Diplome at Ecole Superieure d’ art Decoratifs de Stasbrourg in France. Career Professor, Dept, of Glass ceramic Design at Namseoul University. elina.k. Constance 230x80x200 mm | leather, metal accessories Kim, Hyung-joo KOREA | elinakim@yuhan.ac.kr Present) Assistant Professor, Yuhan University Department of Fashion (PhD) Hanyang University, majoring in Textile and Fashion Design (MA) Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, Department of Design (BA, MA) Ewha Womans University, majoring in Textile Design The 7th International Solo Exhibition ‘New Look’ (Chelsea Gallery, UK) Korea International Design Award / Head of an Organization Award 36

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Pandemic 650x350x750 mm | mix clay Kim, Jin-yong KOREA | mic-b@naver.com 1th Solo & 20th group Exhibitions The doctor’s course Formative arts &Design Graduate School Kunsan National University A Member of Korea Society of Ceramic Art, A Member of Korea Craft Design Association, A Member of the Korea Society of Art&Design Kunsan University, Seonam University, Jeonnam Provincial College lecture Flower 2022…02 420x594 mm | silk, dtp Kim, Joo-hee KOREA | joohee-art@hanmail.net Ph.D. Department of Textile & Fashion Design at Hanyang University Lecturer, Seoul Women’s University, Sang Myung, Dongduk, Kwangju University, Songdam College, SADI, Yuhan College, Yuhan Design Institute Textile Designer, Daehan Wool Textile Co., Ltd, Uno Textile, SeoHab Textile Adjunct Professor, Hanyang University, Myongji College Lecturer, Chung-Ang University, Chief, COME N HIDE Director of Korea Textile Association 37

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i P + Nature + 0204 150x150x100 mm | plastic, resins Kim, Jun-hyeop KOREA | artjewelry@kongju.ac.kr Professor, Dept. of Precious Metal & Jewel Design, Kongju National University B.F.A. Metal Art and Design at Hong ik University M.F.A. Metal Art and Design at Hong ik University Master of Design at Dundee University in UK Ph.D Metal Art and Design at Hong ik University 7 times of Solo Exhibitions layer2 420x594 mm | 3d clo, photoshop Kim, Min-ah KOREA | Ph.D., Dept. of Fashion Design, Ewha Womans University Suwon Women’s University, adjunct professor 2021 5th SOLO Exhibition 2020 KSFD ‘Circulation & Journey’ Exhibition 2019 FCA Milan Exhibition 2018 COEX ECO EXPO Exhibition 38

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Six Senses: how we experience environments 420x594 mm | digital printing Kim, Min-kyoung KOREA | minkim@gwangju.ac.kr Present) Assistant Professor, Dept. of Interior Design, GwangJu University Ph.D. in Design, Construction and Planning, University of Florida, USA M.Des./B.Des. in Interior Design, College of Design, Inje University Committee Member, Korea Institute of Interior Design Visiting Professor, College of Environmental Design, Hebei GEO University, China Grand Prize, Venture Competition, Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Startups Geometric structure 30x30x5 mm | silver 925 Kim, Moon-bae KOREA | artcam@hanafos.com B.F.A. Department of Metal Art & Design at Seoul National University of Science & Technology M.F.A. Department of Metal Art & Design at Seoul National University of Science & Technology Ph.D. ABD., Department of Design at Chung-Ang University One Person Exhibition (4 times) Plural Professor, Department of Jewelry Desgin at Induk University 39

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Sustainable Work 201 500x30x500 mm | wood panel, used cosmetic product’s plastic bag and vinyl Kim, Sang-hee KOREA | sangsangstar@hanmail.net 1988 Hongik University BFA Department of Textile Art 2021~ Hongik University MIA Department of Textile Design 1993~1998 Principal Research at Samsung Fashion Institute Proceeded the project of developing the scarf product as a domestic brand to enter the ‘Prestige Zone’ in the domestic and overseas market, and presented as the best practices (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) 2017. 11 Louis Quatorze Scarf Exhibition / Platform L) 2017~2019 Louis Quatorze License Item Creative Director 1999~2021 Louis Quatorze Scarf Creative Director For the Precious 420x30x590 mm | polyester Kim, Sung-min KOREA | 99549155@hanmail.net University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins, MA (London) Academy of Art University, MFA (San Francisco) 26 Times solo exhibitions in Seoul, Daegu, LA, London 2001 – 2022 Over 300 Times Group Exhibitions Prof. Textile & Fashion Design Dept, College of Fine Arts & Design. Mokwon University, Daejeon. Korea 40

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Bozagi Square Ring Series 30x30x30 mm | silver, enamel, rhodium plated Kim, Sun-young KOREA | sunmetal73@naver.com 2002 Master’s course of education. Tokyo Gakugei University. Japan 1996 Bachelor’s degree of craft fine art. Chonnam National University. Korea 2004 36th Entry to the Japan Art Exhibition (Tokyo Museum of Art) 2005 8th All-Japan Gold Award, Chairman of the Board of Trade for Industrial Products in Tokyo (Ginza Tanaka Hall) 2006 24th Entry to the Japan Jewelry Art Exhibition (Tokyo Ueno Mori Museum of Art) Metal Craft Instructor, Department of Fine Arts, Chonnam National University Korean Craftmen’s Association member Naju straw 350x400 mm | dye, straw, cotton yarn Kim, Yoon-hee KOREA | kyh9599@hanmail.net Department of Industrial Design, Hanlyo University, Gwangyang (Mar1999-Feb 2003) : Professor Department of Design, College of Fine Arts, Chosun University, Gwangju (Jan 2004 -Sep 2012) : Adjunct Professor Entry and Planning, Taiwan Design Expo Exhibition Participation, Gwangju International Art Fair Exhibition Culture and Education Division in Natural Dyeing Culture Center,Naju (Sep 2006-Present) : Team leader 41

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Electric Warmer and Teapot 180x180x180, 140x130x200 mm | fine silver, sterling silver Kim, Young-ock KOREA | yokim@hongik.ac.kr Department of Metal Crafts at HongIk University, B.F.A. Department of Metal Crafts at HongIk University, M.F.A Deartment of Metal Smithing & Jewelry Design at Tylor School of Art, Temple University, M.F.A. Department of Metal Design at HanYang University, Ph.D. Over 15 Solo Exhibitions Over 200 Invitational and Group Exhibitions Present - Professor, College of Fine Art, Hongik University, Seoul K-Ethnic 420x590 mm | dtp Koo, Hee-kyung KOREA | hkgu@hywoman.ac.kr B.F.A / M.A at Ewha Woman’s University Ph.D Department of Applied Art Education at Hanyang University Completed Surface Fabric Design, Dept. of DHA University of Minnesota Invited Artwork and Design by Chines and Korean professor Exhibition of Korea Fashion & Costume Association Exhibition of Asian ART Invitation Professor Dept.of Textile Fashion Design at Hanyang Womens University 42

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Piece of life 30x7x45 mm | mother-of-pearl, Silver, Resin, Stainless steel, Disposal ceramic Koo, Min-joung KOREA | rnalswjd9504@gmail.com 2022 Freelance Designer 2021 KSDC article :: Strap design for masks due to COVID 19 2021 International Invitational New Artists Exhibition 2020 23th World Peace Art Exhibition Craft Category :: Excellence Award 2020 20th International Jewelery Design Contest :: Special Selection 2020 Combined MS/PhD, Jewelry & Fashion Design, Graduate school, Hanyang University 2016 Bachelor D, Jewelry & Fashion Design, Hanyang University Time Letters 1110x3330 mm | textile Krista Leesi ESTONIA | www.kristaleesi.ee Educated from Estonian Academy of Arts in 1993, MA textile art and design Since 2005 associated professor of the Department of Textile Design of Estonian Academy of Arts 2017, 2012, 2006 International Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, Estonia 2015, 2010, 2001 Riga International Textile and Fibre Art Triennial, Latvia Estonian Textile Artist of the Year 2014 and 2001 43

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i 2022 mixed layer 120x5x130 mm | mixed media Kwak, Seong-hee KOREA | mmkk1235@naver.com M. A Studio Art, New York University, New York City. U.S.A B. F. A Applied Art, Ewha Womans University. Present, Professor, Fashion & Textile Dept. Myong Ji College Solo Exhibitions 2016 EAC Gallery (Seoul. Korea) 2013 Gallery CUM (Seoul. Korea) 2012 LEE YOUNG HEE Museum (New York, USA) 2011 Gallery Only (Seoul. Korea) 2010 SADI Space Window Gallery (Seoul. Korea) 1995 Washington Square East Gallery (New York, USA) bookmark 15x140x20 mm | silver Kwak, Tae-hyeuk KOREA | joanes@hanmail.net Graduated from Chung Ang University Graduate School of Design (Ph. D.) Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy Award Korea Design Exhibition Professor, Department of Digital Industrial Design Induk University 44

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Come fill the plate with your memories 300x300x90 mm | porcelain, black engobe, zinc crystalline glaze Lee, Chi-youn KOREA | clee2170@gmail.com Associate degree / Hanyang Women’s College B.F.A / Alfred Unversity, USA M.A / Graduate school of Education, Hanyang University Ph.D. Myongji Unversity majored in Material science: A study on the crystallization and growth mechanism of zinc crystalline glaze and Effect of manufacturing and dispersion of zinc crystalline glaze on crystal formation Present: Professor/ Dept. Ceramic design, Hanyang Women’s University weave-2022-1 150x300x30 mm | silver Lee, Da-hye KOREA | stomy@silla.ac.kr M.F.A. Department of Metal Art and Design at silla University 2019. LEE DA HYE SOLO EXHIBITIONS – Gallery in Fine 2017. LEE DA HYE SOLO EXHIBITIONS Gallery woo 2016. LEE DA HYE SOLO EXHIBITIONS – Gallery inBupyeong Art Space 2015. BLESSEDNESS JEWELRY SOLO EXHIBITIONS – Gallery in Fine Jewelry Art Fair 2013(The Jangshingoo) – Seoul Modern Art Gallery Many Group Exhibitions Professor, Dept. of Precious Metals and jewel Design at Silla University 45

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i The original form of nature 420x594 mm | polyester, digital printing, pigment Lee, Dong-youl KOREA | dong@cau.ac.kr Professor, School of Design, College of Arts, Chung-Ang University Honorary Chairman, Korea Textile Design Association Vice Chairman, Korea Crafts Council untitled 420x594 mm | digital textile print Lee, Geon-man KOREA | leegeonman@gmail.com Hongik University, Dept.of Fine Arts.(BFA) Hongik University, Dept.of Fine Arts.(MFA) Cranbrook Academy of Art, Dept.of Fine Arts.(MFA) 7Times Solo Exhibition, Over 120 Group Exhibition Professor, Hongik University of Textile Design CEO of leegeonmaan AnF Co., Ltd. 46

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Corals_Orange22 30x40x45 mm | 925silver, pigment, mixed media Lee, Hye-jin KOREA | wlsdl1893@gmail.com Middlesex University of London, MA Jewellery 2021 KCDA Korean American Cultural Center of Michigan, Gallery 2019 Quantum Leap 2018 ‘PUBLIC ASSEMBLY’, Ply Gallery, The Arts Centre, Hornsey Town Hall London 43th KCDA Invited International Exhibition in CANADA ‘Korean Community Center’ 49th KIDP-Korea Design Exhibition `Korea International Trade Association Award’ Magnifier Pendant for the Elderly with Dementia 75x50x12 mm | magnifier, sterling silver, brass Lee, Hyung-kyu KOREA | lhk418@daum.net Professor, Hanyang University / Chairman, Korea Craft Designer Association Ph.D., Graduate School of Myounggi University, Korea. M.F.A., Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, U.S.A. Montgomery College, Maryland. U.S.A. B.F.A.,M.F.A., Hanyang University, Korea. 11th Invited Solo Exhibitions About 300 national & international group exhibitions in many countries. 47

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i FROM THE MOON 500x500x510 mm | ceramic Lee, Jeom-chan KOREA | doja61@hanmail.net Hongik University Graduate School · Daegu Catholic University, Ph. D. in Art 19 solo exhibitions, 540 group exhibitions Korea Crafts Competition Operating Committee and Deliberation Committee Member Daegu Crafts Competition Operation and Deliberation Committee Member, Invited Artist Daegu Industrial Design Exhibition Operation and Deliberation Committee Member, Invited Artist Vice President of Korean Fine Arts Association President of Daegu Fine Arts Association Present, Professor of Design Faculty, Kyungil University Reborn19-Clay Works 66x12 mm | color clay, poly propylene (pp) Lee, Jeong-soon KOREA | jessi66@hanmail.net issi zzaik Jewel Boutique Designer & CEO B.F.A Department of Matal Craft at Hongik University M.F.A Department of Matal Craft at Seoul National University Of Science And Technology 3rd Solo Exhibition Group Exhibitions in Many countries 48

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i box of ideas_III 1100x1800 mm | polyester, digital textile print Lee, Jong-boon KOREA | ari811@hanmail.net B.F.A. Department of Arts Education at Hanyang University M.F.A. Department of Applied Arts at Hanyang University 2nd Solo Exhibition Over 200th Group Exhibition Seoul Cyber University adjunct professor Lecturer at Joongbu University, Sangji University Suffer 60x40x20 mm | silver Lee, Ju-eun KOREA | lua1725@naver.com Department of Jewelry & Fashion Design at Hanyang University, BA KJDA International Jewerly Design Contest Special Selection prize 2021 KCDA Detroit Invited International Exhibition Present Department of Jewelry & Fashion Design at Hanyang University, Ph.D Freelance Designer 49

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Valley of Conflict 410x40x360 mm | copper - electric forming. patina. Lee, Kwang-jin KOREA | metal2222@naver.com M.F.A. Graduate School of Kookmin University, Seoul Solo Exhibition 1985 - The Inspiration of Jeju (Seoul. Korea) 2002 - The Objects from The Sea (S.D.S.U. U.S.A) 2012 - Form & Foam (jeju. Korea) 2017 - The window on the covered with frost (jeju. Korea) 2019 - Sheet-metal & Electric-forrming (jeju. Korea) 2021 - Naturally (jeju. Korea) World Design Congresses (U.S. IDEA, the German Red Dot Design Awards) Professor : Culture & Formative Design, Jeju National University. Bowl 400x250x600 mm | wood, natural lacquer Lee, Kwan-seop KOREA | kl554@naver.com 2007 Graduated from Kyoto City University, College of Arts (PhD in Fine Art) 2008-2011 Professor, Traditional Culture Training Institute, Korea National University of Cultural Heritage 2009-2010 Baekje cultural complex Neungsa internal design, bonjonbul manufactured 2008-2013 Judge and questions reviewer, Cultural Heritage Repair Exam for technicians 2012- now Director, Mokchil Cultural Research Center ‘GACHAJANG’ 1985-2021 Personal exhibition 5 times, more than 46 times for group exhibition 50

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i The metaphor of the geometric 500x500 mm | silk Lee, Mi-kyung KOREA | lmksje@naver.com Ph.D. in Fashion Design major from Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea 26times Invitational Solo Exhibitions (Germany, Austria, Netherland, Seoul,) Creative Director of H-plus Textile Design Company, Seoul, Korea Lecturer, The Korean National University of Culture Heritage mubongsa 60x45x50 mm | sodalite, silver, cz Lee, Min-kyoung KOREA | ring2451@hanmail.net M.F.A. Department of Industry Arts at Wonkwang University Ph.D. Department of Jewelry Engineering at Dongshin University Committee Member, Korean Association of Gem and Jewelry Committee Member, Korea Decorative and Cultural Art Promoting Association Adviser, Human Resources Development Service of Korea Presently: Ph.D./ Professor, Dept. of Jewelry Design Korea National University of welfare. 51

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Two becoming One 24x24x8 mm | 925 silver, cubic zirconium, gold-plated Lee, Sook-hyun KOREA | soolee73@wku.ac.kr Present. Professor, WonKwang University, Metal & Jewelry Design Dept. 2010 completed D.A course, Seoul National University, 2000 M.F.A with honor Rhode Island School of Design Jewelry & Light metals 1995 B.F.A. Seoul National University 2013 Craft exhibition 2013 – ITAMI - selected 2011 Seoul Craft Awards - Silver 2009 Cheongju Craft Biennale/ Craft Competition – selected 2003 Craft exhibition 2003 – ITAMI - selected 2000 The Cartier prize 2000 for outstanding achievement in Jewelry and metals horizon 87x27x62 mm | sterling silver, topaz Lee, So-ra KOREA | happychango@naver.com 2013 Graduated from Kookmin University Metal Craft (Bachelor Degree) 2017 Graduated from Kookmin University Jewelry Design (Master Degree) 2012~2015 <Handmade Korea> Group Exhibition 2013~2015 <International jewelry design> Group Exhibition 2017 Songpa Education Center metal craft Lecture 2017 Representative of Metal Craft studio METALLUM 2018 Corporation Aggregate A Member of the Korean craft Association Ondodosi 52

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Cup & Saucer 90x50x70, 200x170x20 mm | white clay slip, cobalt glazed Lee, Yong-phill KOREA | phill2010@naver.com B.F.A. Department of Ceramic Art at Hongik University M.F.A. Department of Fine Art at Hongik University Ph.D. Educational Facility and Environmental Policy at Korea National University of Education 20times Solo Exhibition, About 200 times Group Exhibition Member of Korean Contemporary Ceramic Artists Association, Korean ceramic design association, Korea Society of Ceramic Art. Professor of Dept. Glass & Ceramics Design, Namseoul University Chatting with friends 600x120x120 mm | ceramic soil Lim, Bok-sil KOREA | boksillim@hanmail.net 2015~ Participating artist in Asia Ceramic Camp 2016.7 The 30th Choonhyang Grand Art Exhibition, Grand Prize in Crafts 2017~ Participating artist in Korea Ceramic Design (KCDA) Association 2021~ Invited artist in Choonhyang Art Exhibition 2022.2 Kunsan University, PhD program completed in Formative Art Design Currently the owner of DOJA LAND (Ceramic Studio) 53

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Expectation 390x210 mm | porcelain, blue & white underglaze, gold luster Louis Sai-Keung Lo HONG KONG Ceramics and Glass Artist / Sculptor 2015-2016 Held 2 solo exhibitions 2013-2017 Participated in 7 group exhibitions 2013 B.F.A. Major in Ceramics, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia 2006-2007 Practiced Glass Arts in both Urban Glass, Brooklyn, N.Y. and Corning Museum of Glass, N.Y. Owner of LOUIS SK ARTSTUDIO Taste Explosion 50x20x90 mm | silver lacquer Luo Jingjing CHINA | luojj0203@163.com M.F.A Department of Jewelry Design China University of Geosciences. P.H.D Department of Jewelry Fashion Design at HanYang University. Participation in international exhibitions. Diamond Grader. Jade appraiser. Art Teacher Experience at Chongqing Jiaotong University. 54

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n H a w a i i Exemplar 5 51x41x13 mm | silver 925 with oxides, porcelain Luzia Vogt SWITZERLAND | www.luziavogt.ch 2013 guest professor, University of Liechtenstein 2012 Curator of the exhibition natural-artificial, Gallery Noël Guyomarc’h, Montréal, Canada 2003 Practical training in silversmith studios, Tokyo, Japan 2002-2003 Exchange studies, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD), Halifax, Canada 2000-2004 Department of Jewellery and Hollowware, University of Pforzheim/ Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany, Diploma SIGN 50x170x210 mm | niobium, sapphire, white gold earring, natural leaf, niobium drawing, acrylic display box, washi paper Marina Sheetikoff BRAZIL Graduated in architecture and urbanism at FAUS, Sao Paulo, Brazil. specialization in furniture design at ENSAD, Paris, France. Concept and Curator of international Chain Project / Projeto Corrente involving 63 artists from 20 countries at A CASA Museu do Objeto Brasileiro, São Paulo (2013). Solo Exhibition at Alice Floriano Galery, São Paulo, SP, Brazil (2017) . International group exhibition in Portugal, Germany, Italy, Lituania, China, USA, Mexico and Chile. 55